Cellular wireless plans - Pci wireless card for desktop.

Cellular Wireless Plans

cellular wireless plans

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iphone droooooop.

iphone droooooop.

image from engadget.com

anyone care to camp-out with me? people are saying that it will be a sell out.

sucks about the two year commitment as i will be away for the summer and will now have to pay for a plan i won't even use. hmmm, is it worth it??? fifty to a hundred bucks a month for the privilege of playing with an iphone? i suppose if i get roll-over minutes i'll be fully stacked when i get back. haha. and to answer the question, i don't really care.

we can keep warm by a campfire compliments of my sh*tty bb pearl.

Samsung ARound Me augmented reality

Samsung ARound Me augmented reality

Use GALAXY S’s exclusive Layar Browser powered by Tele Atlas®, to see real-time digital information right on top of the real world. Thanks to Tele Atlas, you can see more POIs (points of interest) from your current location, such as which train is on the corner, or customer reviews about the cafe across the street. Just point the phone’s camera in your chosen direction, and see everything you need to know.

cellular wireless plans

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